Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

How to earn easy money online – Your first 100€+ guide.

Before you start, prepare:

  • Smartphone;
  • Valid passport;
  • Printed Proove of address, for example Bank account statement or Utility bill;
  • Two bank accounts in your name with different currencies, for example Bitwala in EUR and TransferWise in GBP.

Plan to achieve first 100€+

With this clear plan you will not waste time, energy and resources that you could use in a better way. Focus on the first 100€ and put plan into action!

  • Open account in Bitwala using this link and get first 15€ bonus in 15 days. You will need your new bank account details (IBAN, BIC/SWIFT) for next step.
  • Sign up in Skrill using this link and make free transfer to your Bitwala account of 135€ from your personal bank account or pay it with your personal bank card. You will receive 150€ to Bitwala account.

Transfer should be made abroad, so your bank account should not be registered in Germany. Alternatively you can use TransferWise account.

More instructions: Bitwala, Skrill, TransferWise

You must send the money from an account in your name.

More instructions: Bitwala, TransferWise

Remember to use 5FREE discount code.

  • Use given bank details to send money from TransferWise GBP balance to TransferGo.

More instructions: Bitwala, TransferGo,

  • After successful transfer you will see 17€ bonus in your TransferGo account. Transfer bonus to your Bitwala account.
  • Before creating Vimba account, I recommend you to open Bitpanda BTC wallet. Sign up to Bitpanda using this link, make Light Verification and create BTC wallet. Prepare your BTC wallet address for Vimba registration.
  • Sign up to Vimba using this link and choose you’d like to use your own wallet. Enter your Bitpanda BTC wallet address in Vimba system and complete verification. After verification you will see Vimba bank details in Auto Invest section.
  • Use given bank details to send money from Bitwala to Vimba before Thursday and on Friday you will get payout of 115€ BTC to your BTC wallet.

More instructions: Bitpanda, Bitwala, Vimba

  • Log in to your Bitpanda account and click Deposit and make SEPA transfer to your Bitpanda account. Sell BTC received from Vimba to get 10€ BTC bonus. Complete test to get 5€ more. Sell all cryptocurrencies and withdraw the money to your Bitwala account.

More instructions: Bitpanda, Bitwala

Remember to use code 3FREE to get free transfer with WorldRemit

More instructions: Bitwala, WorldRemit

  • After successful transfer you will receive email with 25€ voucher code. Use this voucher code to make transfer of 25€ to your Bitwala account.

Remember to enter “0” to avoid transfer fee

More instructions: Bitwala, XendPay

First goal achieved?

First goal achieved?

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