Investment 100€
Incoming payment 4 separate SEPA transfers of 25€ from bank account in your name to Vimba bank account before Thursday
Reward 10€ of BTC
Reward type 10€ of BTC transfer to your BTC wallet on Friday
Verification Photo

How to earn 10€ from Vimba

  1. Sign up using this link;
  2. Choose you’d like to use your own wallet;
  3. Enter your BTC wallet address. If you don’t have one yet, create it in Bitpanda and get 15€ more;
  4. Complete verification;
  5. Get Vimba bank details in Auto Invest section;
  6. Use given bank details to send 4 times 25€ (total 100€) to Vimba before Thursday. You need to make 4 separate transfers;
  7. On Friday you will get payout of 110€ of BTC to your BTC wallet.