Investment 25€
Incoming payment SEPA transfer from bank account in your name to Bitpanda bank
Reward 10€ + 5€ of BEST + 5€-200€ stock
Reward type 10€ wlcome reward to your EUR wallet + one free stock worth 5€-200€ and additional 5€ of BEST token after completing the quiz
Verification Photo

How to earn 20€ - 215€ from Bitpanda

  1. Sign up using this link;
  2. Verify your account using Light Verification;
  3. Deposit at least 25€;
  4. Buy cryptocurrency for 25€ or transfer cryptocurrency from other wallet and sell it in Bitpanda;
  5. After trade you will get 10€ reward to EUR wallet and one free stock worth 5€-200€;
  6. Complete the Bitpanda Academy quiz using this link and you will get 5€ to your BEST wallet;
  7. Sell all cryptocurrencies and click on Withdraw for money transfer to your bank account.


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